Today's culture perpetuates our obsession with personal image. Bombarded by images of idealized body types for years, we've established a largely unachievable standard of thin-ness. With thirty-three percent of Americans now classified as overweight, and that number increasing every year, there is a clear repudiation of the thin life in our real lives.

Could it be that big is becoming the new beautiful? Have we given ourselves permission to stop agonizing over how far our ribs stick out as a measure of personal success? Perhaps it's time to embrace our obesity as the normal lifestyle. There is ample evidence that this shift has already taken place, and no one has yet cashed in on it. People are wise to the fact that fad diets aimed at making us all look like post-famine bone-bags are just a fast route to self-loathing and shame. It's time to dump this way of thinking with the Undiet.

The UnDiet maps out easy, guilt-free steps to being lazy. This is an entirely new perspective on dieting, summed up by the slogan, "It's not about what you do but what you don't do." The UnDiet caters to those who no longer wish to obsess about their appearance, who recognize the futility of ineffective weight-loss gimmicks, and who are ready to conform to the sedentary lifestyle that is the reality of most households. The UnDiet's primary rule is to sit on your ass and become a massive couch potato. Put those skinny images out of your mind, set down your guilt, pass the snacks please, and UnDiet.

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The book that started it all!
A few of my favorite pages from my self published 46-page book.
If you harbor feelings of discontent with your body and feel the need to fit into your fat pants again...
... The UnDiet is for you.
Now that you have the tools for gaining weight, get to it. You will begin to see results in as little as two weeks and may feel them within the first few days.
Health Disclaimer
The UnDiet is not considered a healthy way of living and may bring on one or more of the following health issues heartburn, mild to severe indigestion, constipation, gout, deterioration of sight, deterioration of brain cells of the frontal lobe, excessive water retention, insomnia, tooth decay, vitamin deficiency, anemia, obesity, anorexia, bulimia, depression, alcoholism, muscle deterioration, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, congestive heart failure, coma, cancer, heart attack, or death. UnDiet Inc. is not liable for any health problems due to excessive weight gain or poor eating habits. Please consult a licensed health physician before starting any extreme diet change. You should avoid The UnDiet if you are already morbidly obese, have a high risk of heart attack, or may be pregnant. UnDiet Inc. is not a medical organization. The contents in this book are only suggestions for living the obese lifestyle and should not be taken seriously. If you experience chest pain at any time during your new diet regimen please treat it as if you are having a heart attack, although it may just be a bad case of heartburn or indigestion.
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